Thursday, October 26, 2006


Old Glory 10mm Resin Buildings Should Arrive Today

Greetings, all:

According to the tracking information sent to me by Old Glory, my European and ACW buildings should arrive sometime today. I thought about making my own buildings, but I just couldn't see how I could fit in building those with everything else I have going on at the moment. (Besides, the 40% Old Glory Army discount makes buying the buildings a bit easier to justify.)

I have to admit that I'm not terribly impressed with the pictures I've seen of the finished product. Some of the European buildings look like they have exaggerated stucco texture on the walls while other detail seems to be a bit soft. With luck, I can correct some of this with the prudent use of a Dremel tool and a little recarving. Even with a bit of reworking, it's bound to take less time than if I was scratchbuilding them (at least I hope it will!)

Also, the paint jobs on most of the buildings in these pictures I've seen online (except for some of the ACW stuff) aren't all that good with odd color choices and a rather gloppy-looking application of paint. I'm hoping that my ability to paint buildings will overcome some of the apparent deficiencies as I rather enjoy painting buildings and I've been told I'm fairly good at it.

If the UPS man is following his normal route, I may not have these buildings in my hot little hands until late this afternoon or early evening (it's not unusual for him to finally show up sometime between 6 and 7 PM although he has surprised me a few times and delivered packages by 2PM or so.)

In any case, I'll post some before and after pics of the buildings eventually.

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


ACW Project: The First Confederate Brigade

(Click image to see larger version in a new window)

As promised, here's the first complete Confederate brigade consisting of 252 figures. Actually, if looked at from the point-of-view of individual castings, then it's only 42 (the horse and rider are separate castings), but that doesn't sound as impressive, does it.

It's rather hard to get a decent picture of the entire brigade deployed in a single line as it's too long so I decided to go with two lines. Even doing that requires pulling back quite a ways so a lot of detail is lost (the figures look much nicer in person, if I do say so myself.) It does make me think twice about the so-called "three foot rule" that's defined as painting the detail on the figures that can only be seen from three feet away. I may try painting a strip or two to that standard and see how they compare to what I've been doing so far. If the figures with less painted detail don't look that much different, I may start to skip things like canteen straps, cartridge box belts and the like. (I could probably knock out a brigade in a couple evenings in that case!)

Still haven't made up my mind about posting pics of the Viking figures, but there's no time to do anything about that now as it's nearly 4:30 AM and I really should try to get some sleep.
Until next time...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


A Quick Update

Greetings, all:

I'm sorry I haven't paid much attention to the blog lately, but I've been busy with other things these past days. However, I have been able to get some painting done and I can now say I have a four regiment Confederate brigade complete with brigadier general (who happens to have more than a passing resemblance to Stonewall Jackson.) I hope to have some pictures up later on today.

I've also started on more Union regiments to make another four regiment brigade. (This is another big push involving the painting of 151 figures.)

I've also managed to paint up 8 25mm Essex viking figures I bought off of Alte Fritz a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if I'll put pictures of those here since they are off topic, but we'll see. (Lots of fun to paint, too.)

Until next time...

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