Saturday, September 23, 2006


WSS Project: First English Dragoon Unit

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Here the first cavalry unit; in this case it's a generic dragoon unit with yellow facings. I've decided that I'm going to go with fairly generic units in situations where details like specific flag designs are unknown or hard to come by. Actually, there seems to be quite a bit of leeway in painting most units as historical records are often missing or contradictory.

In the case of cavalry standards, I've opted for making them the same color as the facings and not worrying too much about embellishing them with other designs as they just don't have the surface area of the infantry flags and trying to do so could be considered masochistic.

Another thing I'm not sure of are the relative positions of the officer, ensign and drummer. The way I have them arranged probably isn't correct, but I thought it better to place the drummer with the drum toward the interior of the stand instead of putting him where I have the ensign so the instrument is protected from bumping and possible damage.

Also, I decided not to bob the horses' tails even though that became common practice for English cavalry in this era. Once again, it just seemed like too much fiddly work and the painting is fiddly enough as it is!

So there's another unit done in the WSS project. (I've also completed another English infantry unit; I don't see the need to post a pic of it on its own as it's much the same as the first one, but you can expect to see it once I've painted a couple more and have enough to represent a brigade.)

More to follow...

They look good to me; nicely done!

-- Jeff
Nice work again.
Thanks, fellows.

The next cavalry unit will be some Bavarian cuirassiers in pot helms. I should be getting to those sometime this week, then I think it'll be time for some artillery to make an appearance.
Odd coinciedence this.

I've just finished a unit of Bavarians on foot and my next unit is....a regiment of Bavarian Cuirassiers with pot helmets.
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