Thursday, September 28, 2006


WSS Project: Bavarian Infantry Completed

(Click on picture to see larger version in a new window)

Here's the Bavarian infantry completed. (Or, nearly completed: I noticed they're lacking their neck scarves while I was prepping the pictures, so I'll have to go back and add a tiny bit of black but I'll only have to do the front rank as the rear rank is pretty much obscured.)

I did decide to draw the flag pattern and then paint it instead of experimenting with decals. I think the flag looks better from the back than the front; that's why I've posted pics of both sides of the unit. It wasn't all that difficult to sketch out and paint but my work won't bear close scrutiny. Still, it seems fine from a distance and at least it looks fairly Bavarian which was my goal in the first place.

Final time spent on painting ran to a little over 5 hours; basing took another 45-minutes or so. I'll be doing a second battalion of these soon, but, before that, I'm going to paint up a unit of Bavarian cuirassiers. (The horses will be mindlessly easy to paint as they're going to be black with the possible exception of the trumpeter and/or standard bearer.)

Until next time...

So, basically it took an hour a stand . . . which is 6 minutes a figure . . . plus some basing/flocking time.

They look good to me . . . now I want to see the cuirassiers.

-- Jeff
Look good to me. I hate painting flags by hand and admire anybody that can make a half decent job of it - so in my book those flags are bloody marvellous.
Lovely figures, greatjob!

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