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The Second Unit: Piedmont

Since my main wargaming opponent has absolutely no interest in painting miniatures, it's up to me to provide both sides, so here's the first unit of French infantry. One thing I haven't been able to find out is what (if any) distinctions existed between the ordinary "hat men" and the grenadiers so all of the non-command figures are painted the same. It seems that the French grenadiers, for the most part, didn't have the distinctive headgear (usually some sort of mitre or bearskin) used by many nations, and more's the pity in that I bought a few bags of grenadiers in fur bonnets thinking I could use them for the French. I guess I'll have to save those for the Bavarians or something. If anyone reading this should happen to know what distinctions in dress were used by the French grenadiers, please let me know via the "comments". Thanks!

Not much more to add here in that the figures are essentially the same as the ones I used for the English unit. In a perfect world, these "French" infantry should have a belly box for their cartridges instead of having the cartridge box on the crossbelt as they do, but the French did use that type of kit a little earlier in the period, so I could justify their appearance by saying that regiment's owner is a cheap s.o.b. and just hasn't gotten around to getting his regiment up-to-date...yeah, that's the ticket. (BTW, the Grand Scale catalogue has a listing for French infantry, but they aren't available and there hasn't been any reply from Old Glory regarding my email asking about them and the baggage wagons which are also listed, but as yet, unavailable.

Hello Patrick,

I've enjoyed reading your first postings about the painting and basing of your figures. I must say, they look impressive despite the fat that they are so small. About how long did it take to paint, for example, your Piedmont infantry unit? How large do you envision your armies becoming? Anyway, enjoy yourself, and I'll be checking in here regularly to reead about your project. Well done!

Stokes Schwartz
Very nice work, Patrick. I like the look of these little guys. What kind of shape were the strips in? And how many (and what type) come in a "package" and at what price?

-- Jeff

Could you please post a few photos of unpainted strips of the different types of figures (Cuirassier, Dragoon, etc) so that we can see what they're like? Old Glory doesn't have any pictures on their website.

Also, are there any other manufacturers who make 10mm WSS figures? If so, what made you select Old Glory as your figure of choice?

Finally, I've added a link to your blog from my blog.

-- Jeff
French grenadiers in the WSS often had ribbons on their right shoulder to distinguish them from the rank and file. They'd also have a fur bag of grenades on their right hip.
It's great to see some comments (especially now that I've found out where they've been hid away. Hat tip to Jeff), so now I'll answer some of the questions.

For Stokes: I didn't really keep track of the time I spent on the French unit, but I'm guessing it took right around 3 hours or so, maybe less. Right now I have enough WSS figures on hand to do 8 or so 5-stand infantry battalions (call it two brigades worth) for each army and enough cavalry for a couple brigades (2 5-stand regts.) for each side as well. Artillery pieces come 12 to a bag (crews are bought separately); I've got 12 light guns and 12 medium guns, so I won't need more for some time.

For Jeff: The infantry come 100 per bag (20 strips of 5 figures)@ $15.00, command figures come in bag of 30 (6 strips of 5 figures) and run $8.50. Cavalry also comes with 30 troopers to the bag, but the riders and horses are cast separately and they cost $15 per bag, too (I think.) Cavalry command is separate and comes 9 riders and horses per bag at $8.50. You can check out more at this website:

Jeff, if by "shape" you mean what quality are the castings, I'd have to say that they're very good with not much clean-up at all. A little fine flash to remove here and there and some trimming on the bottom of the base to get them to sit flat, but I really spent very little time with the knife and file. Truth be told, they were very much better than what I was expecting. I most certainly will post some pictures of the unpainted figures; the good Lord knows I've got plenty of them around!

For Paul: Now that you mention it, I did read about that ribbon on the right shoulder; it was sort of a precursor to the epaulette. I may try painting them on, but I'm not sure if they'll be seen at playing distances. Thanks for the info, though!

Thank you all for your questions and kind words! other thing. The reason I went with the Old Glory figures is that I joined the Old Glory Army program. For a membership fee of $50 you get a 40% discount for a year plus some other goodies. (One of the goodies now is the pirate captain figure they send each month for a year. I'm not into pirates, but they're nice figures none the less.) With a discount like that it really doesn't take long to get your $50 back and then some, so the bags of infantry cost me $9.00 instead of $15 and so on. It takes some of the pain out of trying a new era and size of figure.
Thanks for the info on the OG Army program. I did not know that! Hmmm...
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