Sunday, September 17, 2006


The First Unit: The Buffs

This is a picture of the first unit I painted. (Click on the pic to see a much larger version.) The figures are cast in strips approximately 1-inch long and are mounted two strips per base. The bases are wooden, 3mm thick, laser- cut and 1-inch square; they were purchased from Litko. The bases in this picture hadn't received the finishing edge painting using burnt umber acrylic paint. The area around the figures' feet is fine sand glued in place with Liquitex acrylic matte varnish, then it was painted using a thin wash of green acrylic (Ceramcoat Seminole Green), and once that was dry, random dots of very thin brown acrylic wash (Americana Mississippi Mud) were applied to add some variation and give the "grass" a more natural look.

The unit is painted to represent the English 3rd Regiment of Foot (a.k.a. the Buffs) although with figures this size, it's very difficult and, frankly, unnecessary to attempt to paint such distinctions as lace as all such detail becomes invisible when viewed at normal playing distances. The effort here was to paint figures that look good on the table without becoming a "button counter."

The flag is painted as opposed to using a printed paper flag since it's cast with the figure strip and making the modification would have entailed more work than I cared to do. Still, I think the result looks OK and wasn't all that hard as I used a printed paper flag as a reference. (OK, the sun in the center of the flag was a little fiddly, but for some reason, I was able to paint it to my satisfaction in one go, and that was after a few cups of coffee!)

They look very nice and I agree completely with the idea of painting for gaming, not display.
I think that both the unit and the flag look great!

-- Jeff
Thanks, gentlemen!
Just started to paint 10mm figures (Old Glory Hoplites) so it was with extreme pleasure to find your great and highly enjoyable website. Keep up the great work!
Dr. Harrison Dai
Thank you, Harrison:

I hope you'll drop by from time to time and see what's new.

Good luck with those hoplites! (Do they make 10mm greek shield decals, I wonder?) If you're able to post some pictures of them sometime, please let me know as I'd really like to see them.

Thanks again!

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