Monday, September 18, 2006


The ACW Project: The First Federal Unit

As stated, this is the first unit of Federals and they were as easy to paint as the Rebs except for the flags. Like the WSS range, the ACW figures also have the flags cast as part of the strip and it would be difficult to modify them enough to let me use paper flags.

Actually, once I got down to it and started painting them, it wasn't as dreadful of a task as I thought it might be. Like most apparently difficult things, it becomes less difficult if it's broken down into basic elements, so that's what I did. After painting this pair of National and Regimental colors the next set should come more easily.
Oh, yes! I like this look for your blog much better than the other one.

-- Jeff
Thanks, Jeff. The main reason I changed the template is that the other one didn't have any easy way of adding links. It's still a pain in the posterior, but at least I know where to look in the HTML code for the current template to add more links. I'll be adding yours and others over the next few days.
Thank you, sir. Yours is already on the Saxe-Bearstein blog page.

By the way, you are a most disturbing individual . . . here I was all nicely involved with my 25mm SYW project . . . then you come along tempting me with 10mm guys . . . it's downright cruel, it is! For I am tempted . . . oh, yes I am.

-- Jeff
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